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SPUN prospectus released

Every human has experience with fiber. We are swaddled in blankets as newborns and as we grow, we adorn ourselves in clothes to help define who we are. However, fiber is so much more than cloth. The SPUN exhibition is designed to be a showcase and a celebration of all manner of fiber. Ideal entries will challenge conventional assumptions of fiber and will offer viewers the opportunity to appreciate and imagine the possibilities of this most humble material. Eligible art can be made with fiber or with elements that reference fiber and fiber traditions. 2D and 3D works are welcome and all entries must have a powerful presence on a smaller scale (please refer to the prospectus for size and weight restrictions). We cannot accommodate video installations at this time. SPUN encourages the submission of artwork that present interesting interpretations of what fiber is or can be.

art by Natalya Aikens

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