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Congratulations to the Accepted Artists

purple passion by Jeanne Flanagan

The artists selected by juror Bartholomew Bland for SPUN 2014 are:

Natalya Aikens Iron Spine

Francie Bergquist Trufflia

Benedicte Caneill Walking off the Grid

Donna Chambers My Peacock

Linda Colsh Grand Place Descent

Eileen Doughty Dragonfly Pond

Eileen Doughty Kasha-Katuwe Hoodoos

Jeanne Flanagan Purple Passion

Deanna Gabiga Flower

Jamie Horikawa Colors of a Soba Shop

Eve Jacobs-Carnahan Knotweed: Not Safe

Cecelia Leiseroff They Came from Outer Space

Susan Lenz Ancestors

Susan Lenz A Difficult Decision

Betty Maguire Hayzlett Emergence

Betty Maguire Hayzlett Desert Grasses

Heather Pregger Tuning Fork #19

Norma Schlager Fractured II

Barbara Sferra Red Squares

Gerri Spilka Helix Sketch #1

Janice Stevens After the Storm

Victoria Swann Eye Candy

Ruth White Bend It Wright2

Beth Yazhari World Quilt - Panel #1

Beth Yazhari Victoria Sensibility

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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