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Accepted Artists for SPUN 2015

Congratulations to the artists accepted into SPUN 2015!

Nancy Billings Skin Deep IV

Carole Hoffman Nude with Earring

C Mark Burt Lily Frog - Cuddle Doobie

C Mark Burt In the Round - Cuddle Doobie

Linda Colsh Silent Passage

Linda Colsh The Greenhouse

Betty Hayzlett Spring

Kenan Saatcioglu Checker

Kenan Saatcioglu Houndstooth

Kenan Saatcioglu Flow

Ellen Schifman Balancing Act

ZeeLinda Dissinger Sacred heArt of Picasso

John Paradiso Man Fairy

John Paradiso Golden Fairy

John Paradiso Dream Fairy

Dominie Nash Big Leaf Impromptu 14

Lily Martina Lee Net Study 5

Lily Martina Lee Net Study 7

Susan Lenz Lift and Tuck

Ruth A. White C7:Cytoreduction

Anne Auld Freestanding Collage (House)

Natalya Aikens Specular Reflection

Gerrie Congdon Sky Blue Pink

Sooo-z Mastropietro Monstster

Sooo-z Mastropietro Impudent Flumpet

Lorie McCown Encroachment III

Jenny Williams Hull

Jenny Williams CAFÉ

Maria Shell The Hypnotist's Chair

Tal Gluck Sugar&Spice&Sacrifice&Dragonflies

Hillary L Steel Intimates 1

Hillary L Steel Intimates 2

Hillary L Steel Intimates 3

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